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Why Keep up with the Jones’?

As I rushed through the unorganized aisles of the one-stop store in my
neighborhood, I scurried past discounted Thanksgiving tablecloths and overpriced
Christmas ornaments, hoping to avoid the holiday rush that would be jolting
through the doors after 5pm. It’s not that I don’t like to shop… oh, quite the
I thoroughly enjoy shopping during the holidays, or any other season for
that matter. However, what I don’t enjoy is listening to disgruntled shoppers
complain about HAVING to buy things they can’t afford or things that are on the
absolute bottom of their priority list.
During this time of year parents feel depressed if they can’t fulfill their
children’s unreasonable list of toys, and husbands often find themselves sleeping
on the lopsided guest bed in the drafty den if they don’t have the perfect gift
underneath the Christmas tree. Where as a family have we gone wrong? Have
we, as a society gotten away from teaching our young children the blessing in
giving? Are we so preoccupied with comparing material possessions on social
media that we don’t know how to be happy with our own, ordinary lives
Back in my day… yes, I sound like my mama… I would hear the older people
refer to that as “tryna keep up with the Jones’”. I can remember sitting in the
kitchen trying to figure out who the Jones’ were! As an adult I learned a very
valuable lesson, one that I would proudly pass on to my two children. I’ll sum it
up in one word… contentment. Contentment does not mean I don’t strive for
better. Of course, I want nice things. I would flash a huge Kool-Aid grin if I got an
expensive gift from the famous Tiffany’s Jewelry store. And right now, I want a
designer bag with the matching shoes, a new two-story brick house, and a brand-
new car. Any of those “underneath” my tree would have me doing back flips and

I am so grateful I am at peace, happy with my life, enjoying what I have, and
genuinely embracing each day and the joys my life brings. So… as my children and
I go over their wish list… I gently and lovingly remind them that it is more blessed
to give than to receive . I know they are listening… as I watch them go through
their toys, eager to donate them to the local shelters. While sipping my lemon-
ginger tea, watching sappy Christmas movies, I think to myself… “why keep up the

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