Why is Representation Important?: Real Life Bricks Playbox!

We received our Real Life Bricks engineering playbox and the kids dove right in and started playing. It was great to have an activity to work on with our children. After helping and watching us build the masterpieces, they barely glanced at the instructions. The best part about our play box was the black mini figure. Our 4 year old son thought the black race car driver was cool! 

Our Real Life Bricks playbox also came with an activity book which not only includes a crossword puzzle and stickers there are also fun facts about your mini figure in the booklet. You will learn your figures ethnicity, where they are from and what motivated them to choose their profession!

Representation is extremely important, from movies, to professions and yes even toys. Our children should be bombarded with positive representation of themselves. Why? Because now they can envision it for themselves. When all of your dolls or action figures have blonde hair and blue eyes, that can subconsciously become your child’s vision of what greatness or beauty looks like. 

I love the fact that I don’t have to limit my children to black dolls and action figures now we can add Real Life Bricks to the mix!

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