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What’s Wrong with my Hair?

hair2The natural hair movement is going strong; More and more black women are no longer using hair relaxers and they are letting their natural hair flow! This is empowering and encouraging black women and girls to love themselves as is; the way they were born. Which brings me to my topic: How disheartening it is to learn there are some elementary schools imposing mandates that rules wearing natural hair as a dress code violation.

12 year old Vanessa VanDyke of Orlando, Florida and 7 year old Tiana Parker of Tulsa, Oklahoma were threatened with expulsion from their schools for wearing their natural hair, which broke the school’s dress code.

Faith Christian Academy, Deborah Brown Community School, and Horizon Science Academy of Lorain are schools that have implemented “hair policies” as a part of their dress code.  The only “hair policy” that is widely understandable and perhaps justifiable is dying hair; colors like hot pink and blue. However, telling students they cannot wear Afro puffs or dreadlocks is essentially telling them, “there is something wrong with your natural appearance.”  They may as well say, “God made a mistake with you.”

It’s critically important to teach our children at a young age to love themselves because if we don’t, who  will?  Another thing that strongly bothers me is the multitude of negative comments made about Blu Ivy’s hair. What exactly is wrong with her hair? As far as my eye can see, that baby’s hair is beautiful; that’s how your hair would look if you stopped using relaxers. Should she have a long luxurious weave flowing down her back simply because her parents are celebrities?

I anticipate when black America will begin to realize that all hair is “good” hair. Stop shoving these complexes upon our youth because they will carry them into adulthood. Whether your child’s hair is natural or relaxed, teach them to love and embrace their differences. Our differences are what make us unique!

by Candace Edwards

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