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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner When You’re On A Budget

One of the most memorable moments in life is your wedding day. You’ve probably visioned how #beautiful you would look in your wedding dress, your show stopping walk down the aisle, the beautiful decorations, the amazing facility, and all of your loved ones celebrating your union. You even dreamed up an unrealistic budget, thinking all this glitz and glamour, can be achieved with your knack for bargain shopping. Please wake up from this fairytale you’re dreaming, if you don’t plan on budgeting for a Wedding Planner. If you are thinking you can’t afford a Wedding Planner or the money you spend on a wedding planner you could spend on your wedding, you’re dead wrong. If you’re like most people and you’re planning your wedding on a budget, you can’t afford to not have a wedding planner, and here’s why.  

1. Professional Advisor
-A wedding planner can point out things that usually get overlooked during the planning process such as communication to your wedding party, transportation, allergies, signage, gratuity, time for bride & groom to eat, etc.
-Depending on your wants/needs a wedding planner will be able to give you ways you can accomplish your vision without going overboard based on their experience, resources and creativity.

2. Save you time and money
-A wedding planner can provide vendor referrals as a result of their networking and experience.
-Depending on the services you contract your wedding planner for, they will ensure your contracts are executed properly on your wedding day.
-Your wedding planner helps to keep you on budget and schedule from start to finish.

3. Peace of mind
-A wedding planner can work with you and your vendors to create a timeline for the day of your wedding.
-Your wedding planner will communicate important details to family/friends as the point of contact.
-Depending on your needs the wedding planner provides Day of Coordination.
-A wedding planner can be a buffer for you and your fiancé from the drama that usually occurs which will reduce your stress.

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