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Summertime Fine: Celebrating Natural Sistahs

Summertime Fine! It’s time for Natural Women to Flaunt their Sexiness! The questions and stares that you get as a Natural Sister can make you feel “Some Kind of Way” sometimes. So what are you doing with your hair? Are you wearing it like that to the wedding/work/interview?  When are you going to relax it (perm it)? The fact still remains that some people still aren’t feeling this natural hair movement, but we are popping up and popping out by the dozens.

It’s time to say loud and proud! This is how we were born and we are ALL Beautiful in our Natural States! Whether you are rockin’ a Fade, a Fro, Dreadlocks, or you are a Naturalistia that can do every up do, known to woman kind. Wear it and be proud. If it were just hair, people wouldn’t stop stare. If it were just hair people wouldn’t be so concerned about how you choose to wear it. It’s so much more than just hair ladies! It’s your crown, so wear it with pride! Take the #SummertimeFine Challenge and pass it on. Let’s break the internet! Tag 10 of your friends and Hashtag your posts with #SummertimeFineChallenge.

Submit your “Summertime Fine” photo/video to [email protected] with “Summertime Fine” in the Subject Line if you want your photo Featured on our Facebook Page. Say “why you love your hair” or “why you feel women should embrace/love their Natural Hair.”

(You understand that all photos submitted to I Am Beautiful 365 will become the property of I Am Beautiful 365 and that you are not owed any compensation. It is the sole discretion of I Am Beautiful 365 which photos/videos will be posted to our facebook page and or website.)


  • Promote Positive Images of Women of Color
  • Empower and Encourage Women to embrace their Natural Beauty
  • Showcase that all textures of hair are Beautiful365. (Curly, Kinky, Nappy, Locs, Ect)
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