Should Single Mothers be Allowed to Escort their Daughters to Father/Daughter Dances?

I heard this question asked on the radio but I did not have the opportunity to hear the responses from the listeners. Should single mothers be allowed to attend father/daughter dances?

Personally I would say no and I know I’m going to get beat up for this one but my answer is no, here’s why.  When a mother is absent from a child’s life there is usually a big momma, an aunt, some other woman is there to be a positive role model in that child’s life. So why doesn’t the same exist when the father is absent?

When two people bring a life into the world, it is the responsibility of both of the parents to make sure their child is raised in a happy and healthy environment. Even if mom and dad don’t have the best relationship or dad is absent, where is grandpa, where is Uncle Mike, where is big cousin Ant, are there no positive male role models around? There has to be some type of positive male role in the picture.

Is that easier said than done? My friend told me when her daughters went to the father/daughter dance and mothers were turned away at the door. They school did make it clear that the event was for fathers only. I didn’t think it was a big deal but a lot of mothers were upset. It’s no different than my feelings on mothers celebrating father’s day. It’s for fathers, why try to impede on their day? We have a day and so should fathers.

Most of us think it a fun event, that gives fathers and daughters a reason to dress up and have little fun!


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