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Sexy White Mom vs. Sexy Black Mom: What’s Wrong With this Picture

So if you haven’t already done it. Please google “sexy white mom” then google “sexy black mom” and let me know what you think of the results you find. After doing this I was disturbed and pissed but not surprised. This is no different than when the internet went nuts about the google results for “3 white teens” as opposed to “3 black teens”. This is a big part of why I started “I am Beautiful 365.” It is to help with normalizing black beauty, black success and black love because let’s be honest it should just be beauty, success, and love. Why do most media outlets focus on the negative things that happen in communities of color? We live in a time where we can change the

So instead of getting mad I challenge my black moms to start a new hashtag #SexyBlackMoms. Let’s go! Change the disgusting images on google and let’s break the internet and show them the true image of sexy black moms look like!

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