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Returning to Natural | The Big Chop

For many women making the decision to Return Natural is a very difficult decision to make. I Am Beautiful 365 wants to share stories your story as a testimony to empower women who may be struggling with the decision to make the Big Chop. We want to create a safe place where you can come to be inspired to Love you hair, and more importantly, to love yourself. Here is a story of a woman who decided to make the Big Chop.

Hi, my name is LaShana Carter, and I wanna share with you guys my hair journey. About five, six years ago, I was in a battle with myself because I had relaxed hair. And it was down my back, but it was so stringy. And I loved the growth, and you know how we love our growth, but it looked horrible and it took me some time to come to the realization like, something has to change!

Around that time, all my good friends were going natural, and I kept thinking to myself, what is wrong with these people? Why would they do that? Years later, now I realize I didn’t love me. Why was I ashamed of the hair that grew out of my head? But it took some time, and I was walking around kinda looking crazy.

Years later, now I realize I didn’t love me. Why was I ashamed of the hair that grew out of my head ?

And then I decided to leave the relaxer alone after hearing about all the damage that it did to our bodies. Left it alone, and I waited about a year, close to a year, and I decided to chop all the relaxer off, and I had a mini Fro. I went to Supercuts to get it done. I was super nervous to go in because I just didn’t know what I was gonna do with my hair. Went in and as the stylist was cutting my hair, my heart was pounding. I just was super afraid.

Seeing all the hair falling down, I almost passed out. So after she cut my hair, turned me around to the mirror, I just had this fluffy thick hair. I remember having thick hair and seeing the photos when I was younger, because I didn’t realize my hair could grow and be that thick. And I went in the bathroom and took my first photo with my natural hair. And to be honest, it took me awhile to get used to it. I wore it out in a mini ‘fro just so that I could get used to it. And a lot of people usually style their hair afterwards or braid it up I took a little time to bond with my natural hair.

And for maybe, I don’t know, six, seven months after that, I wore crochet braids because it was not many styles that I could do. And I went through a period of time where I was just crying in the bathroom trying to do my hair because it was short. I couldn’t really braid it too well. And I do my own hair. So I really couldn’t braid, I couldn’t style it. I was frustrated. Ask my husband, it was a rough patch.
After some time of wearing the crochet braids and my hair getting a little longer, I started to wear my hair in two ponytails. And it took some time. So when I did the kinda big chop, that was in 2015. And actually in a couple days, it’ll actually be my four-year mark where I got my hair done, I got my hair chopped.

Throughout the time of me wearing my natural hair, I made sure I washed it, deep conditioned, and kept it oiled. Natural oils and butters is super important to the natural hair process of growing just period. And lately, I, honestly, I don’t like doing my hair, so I do my hair for real, for real about twice a month. I wear a lot of protective styles, two-strand twists, a single twist, French braids. Every once in awhile you’ll catch me with the puff out or a braid out or a twist out, but I love to keep my hair protected.

I would recommend the big chop to anyone that’s thinking about it. Love you. Love the hair that grows out of your head.

I would recommend the big chop to anyone that’s thinking about it. Love you. Love the hair that grows out of your head. And it’s gonna be a awkward stage, but it will pass. And you have to really have patience with your natural hair. And your texture changes throughout the years. When I first cut my hair, it was ‘fro-y. Now I can get a little curl in here and there. But it was definitely a hard process for me because I definitely didn’t have the confidence to wear my natural hair, and now I just, I know that this is who I am. I love me. I love my hair. And there’s nothing that anyone can tell me to make me think any differently.

When I did chop my hair, I did work at a workplace that was primarily Caucasian, and it was a very different experience to go and get your hair touched while I’m still trying to process the fact that I don’t look like I looked a few weeks ago, but have confidence. Have people on your side that will encourage you because it’s just a small part of the process. And if you take care of your hair the right way, it will blossom. I have so much hair. I don’t care to do it, but I love the thick hair that has grown out of my head. So if you’re contemplating doing the big chop, do it.

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