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The Power of Starting Your New Year In December

Last year I randomly decided to create a vision board, and shortly after we purchased a home and we moved. My vision board got lost in the shuffle as there wasn’t a way to fonsway it into our new home. In the midst of the new year approaching and me trying to figure a place to put it that I can see it daily, my children ended up noticing it and becoming attracted to it. Then I thought how powerful would it be if we created vision boards as a family and the kids learned the power of visualization and manifestation at an early age? How many of my friends and family could benefit from doing this? Shoot my entire facebook community could benefit from the #iabVisionBoardChallenge peep this:

Just like the Spring brings about new leaves on trees, and attracts all the birds and bees, every year nature has a way of getting a fresh start. All the snow begins to melt away and room is made for growth. Just as nature undergoes this transformative process we should too. What I have learned is that in order to have a successful year, we should start planning and preparing for it NOW! We cannot wait until 2018 is here to start planning for it because by then it is already too late. Similar to fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook, they all plan their new year before the year starts. Executives make sales projections for the quarter, for the year, and even for 5 years out.

They share the message with the company so everyone has a unified goal and every month, everyone is working to do better than they did last year, and continuously talk about it so that they are aware of the goals. But what do most people do? We go out to New Years celebrations, we turn up, maybe get our gym membership started again, and we declare to the world “THIS IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR THIS YEAR!” Research has shown that most people spend more time planning a party, vacation, or wedding than they do planning their future. If we put more thought, effort, and energy into planning our future maybe the outcome would be drastically different.

Well this month, December, I want to challenge you to create a vision board. A vision board is a fun way to create, build the future you desire. Always dreamed of taking a dream vacation or purchasing that dream house or car? GREAT! Take the time, get the pictures and put it on the board. If Pictures are worth 1000 words and seeing is believing what better way to communicate to yourself the year or life you deserve to have? We’d love to hear some of your ideas, suggestions, and tips. Also send us pictures of your vision boards and vision parties.

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