Are Parents Doing ‘Too Much’ with these Prom Spend Off or Naw?

The prom send offs for the last few years have been like no other. I have seen parents renting extravagant cars, teens with expensive costume made dresses, and glam squads. Parents renting venues and decking them out with elaborate decorations. Teens have had prom squads, this is when your family and friends have t-shirts made in celebration of you going to prom. My initial reaction was “to each his own” but now that graduation season is here I’m not seeing the same importance placed celebrating graduation. Why not? Is prom the graduation celebration?

For years I’ve been trying to figure out why my teenage cousin went to prom but graduated from high school in summer school?? So speaking from personal experience people’s priorities are sometimes messed up. Far too many parents are teaching their teens that going to prom is some sort of accomplishment. Or again, is prom supposed to be the graduation celebration?

If you have to ask for financial help or borrow money to send your child to prom, you might be doing too much. What are you teaching your child about financial responsibility?

Why is the prom send-off more elaborate than the graduation celebration? What are you putting emphasis on? What in turn are you teaching your child?

Have these prom send offs been fun to watch? Yes. Have we seen some beautiful dresses and fly tuxes? Yes. I’m just wondering is it too much and is it responsible.

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