Mom and daughter are graduating with their Bachelor Degrees just one week apart! During Karen Hunter’s senior year of college she dropped out after becoming pregnant with her oldest daughter. Balancing school and work became overwhelming. Hunter, 53, was only 13 credit away from obtaining from obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree.

But she was determined to make sure her children finished college. Hunter’s mother never learned to read which is why higher education is so important to this family. Not only did Hunter’s mother get the opportunity to see her grandchildren graduate from college. She got the opportunity to see her amazing daughter go back to school and graduate.

Momma Hunter received her Bachelor’s Degree in sociology from Norfolk State University, May 6th.

Her youngest daughter, Latrice Hunter, will graduate from the College of William and Mary, May 13th, with a Bachelor’s Degree in kinesiology.

Her oldest daughter, Shonda Godfrey, 37, is now studying to obtain a Ph.D. in public health from Walden University. This family has a lot to celebrate!

We should celebrate the support this family gives to each other. Hunter’s daughters encouraged her to finish school and her mother was also supportive along way.


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