Longest Married Couple Celebrates 82 years of Marriage

A sweet old couple from Rockland County is well set to become the world’s longest married couple. With 82 years of marriage in the bag, celebrations are in order for Duranord and Jeanne Veillard. Being married this long in a world that is registering groundbreaking numbers of divorce files is a remarkable achievement, and the whole County of Rockland should be proud.

Duranord turned 109 in February, while his wife Jeanne turned 105 in May, together they have a combined age of 214!! The sweet couple got married in November 1932, and they have been together ever since. Together the couple has lived married for 83 years; they currently live with their daughter Marie Eveillard, who is really happy for her parents.

Duranord is the son of a fisherman, born in St. Louis du Sud; he was raised in Les Cayes in Southern Haiti. After completing his studies, Duranord moved to Port-au-Prince. He and Jeanne went on to have five kids before eventually relocating to the United States in 1968.

The old couple is currently retired from all work, and they continue to enjoy their marriage.

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