Is Its Only Milk?

Today new parents have a ton of options as to what to give their new born children to eat. They can choose formula, Vitamin D milk, Almond Milk, Soy, Breast milk, and the list goes on. In my family and many others once children are given formula until they are able to digest store brought milk D (2%, skim, ect). My wife and I decided that we were going to breastfeed our kids. My wife and I get a ton of family and friends who try to subtly suggest that we need to give our children Vitamin D milk. We attempted to explain to them that recently we were educated on the importance of Breastfeeding with one simple example. We heard a speech and what we heard the speaker say was think about all the wild animals that exist, do any of them drink the milk of other animals? Cats, dogs, horses, ect all drink the milk of their mother. You would never see a horse drinking milk from a cow. So the question is if those animals wouldn’t do it, why would you? Cow milk is filled with vitamins and nutrients intended to grow a baby calf into a 500lbs cow. The first response everyone generally has is, you and I were given cows milk and we are ok. Well here is what I have to say about doing something just because the family has been doing it for years:

A young woman was preparing thanksgiving dinner and while cooking, her daughter asked “mom why do you cut the legs off the Turkey, that’s the best part.” Her mother replied because that’s how your grandmother use to do it, if you want to know, you go have to call her. So the girl immediately calls her grandmother to ask her. When she asked her grandmother her reply was the similar, because that’s how your great grandmother did it. Still unsettled the little girl decided to ask her great grandmother. When she asked her great grandmother she said “I don’t know why your mom and nem cut the legs off the turkey? When I did it, it was because back in the day they didn’t make pots big enough but today the pots are big enough. The moral of the story is that as humans we tend to do things because they are the tradition, its how we have always done things, but no one takes time to question things or to understand why they do certain things.

At the end of the day the best thing you can do for your child is to breastfeed them. So if it is within your power or ability why would you negotiate doing anything else? If you have the ability to breast feed you should and the doctor will tell you the same thing but it isn’t really pushed hard by them. George Washington Carver is the person who discovered Soybean as an incredible source of protein and oil. He found that if farmers rotated their crops and added soy in the rotation it would make their soil more fertile. He also explained that soy should never be consumed. In the African American community there had been a spike in diseases and disorders and it has been rumored that nutrition is one of the primary causes. We have to be more thoughtful about what we are eating as it may taste good and you may think this one little thing wont hurt me. But if you eat that one little thing over and over, it may not hurt you immediately but over time it may lead to cancer or some other serious health complication. Am I telling you how to feed your kids? Am I saying you are a bad parent if you dont breastfeed your kids? No Im saying once you know better, you do better. You decide what you will do or let other love ones do once you know better.

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