Introducing Lariah Alexandria | An 8 yr old Author, Actress, & Model

Lariah Alexandria is an energetic and intelligent 8-year-old who also happens to be a model, actress, and author! She’s always wanted to be a performer and even started out in ballet and tap classes. However, when she realized she did not want to continue with dance, she told her mother that she wanted to do what she saw people do on television shows: act. And there began Lariah’s journey.

Lariah has been a featured model in a few magazines and was even part of Publix’s very first Black History Month campaign. Although Lariah loves taking pictures and posing for the camera, what she really enjoys is being an actress! At the age of 4, Lariah first got her feet wet in the acting arena as an actress at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. There she performed three times in two different plays: once in “The Lizard and El Sol” and twice in “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” After both plays when the audience clapped and cheered, Lariah’s eyes were big with wonder and excitement! It was at that point that her mother realized how much Lariah truly enjoyed acting. She asked Lariah if she wanted to continue with acting and of course, she excitedly said yes! The rest, of course, is history as they say because Lariah has now had the chance to be in a few films, commercials, and TV shows and consistently auditions for more opportunities to do what she loves!

The “author” title was something that was somewhat unexpected but certainly understood and encouraged! Lariah had the amazing opportunity to meet inspirational leader Bishop T.D. Jakes in the fall of 2017. Initially, she had no idea that was where her mother and aunt were taking her. She was very pleasantly surprised, listened intently while he spoke about his latest book entitled “Soar!” and tightly hugged him during the book signing that took place afterwards. While talking with her mother about how amazed she was that she met Bishop Jakes, Lariah mentioned that she wanted to write a book like he did because he had said that “you are never too young or too old to dream.” Of course her mother encouraged this and so, Lariah set out to write her book.

At the time though, her great-grandfather (whom she affectionately called “Granddaddy”) had fallen quite ill. She wanted to tell him about what she was working on but sadly, she was not able to because he passed away in early 2018. Lariah was understandably very sad, but said she wanted to honor her Granddaddy’s memory in some way. She said she wanted to finish what she started and told her mother that she wanted to add Granddaddy to the book. Lariah worked extremely hard on developing the story and when she finished writing her very first book, “Lariah’s BIG Dreams,” she made sure to dedicate it to both her Granddaddy, Idus Sanders, Sr. and her favorite pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes!

Lariah has always been a driven individual, but her determination and strength really shone through as she powered through the pain of her first major loss to write a book that encourages people of all ages to follow their dreams no matter what. She knew that even her Granddaddy had a dream to live in a brand new house and he was able to make that dream a reality long before he passed away. In that same spirit, Lariah has proved to herself and shown others that if you set a goal or have a dream and work hard to accomplish it, you CAN achieve it!

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