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Industry BuzzZ Creator Lutonya Lang| Inspiring Our Youth Through Film and Media

IndustryBuzzZ Media Network was created by an energetic young woman who set out to inspire others while following her dreams. Lutonya Lang uses her platform to inspire, encourage, and entertain. She has interviewed a large array of successful African Americans from small business owners to actors.  She learns and pulls inspiration from every interview she has ever done.

Lang has an amazing support system; family and friends who breathe life and encouragement into her regularly. “My son is truly my main inspiration…I didn’t see anything I wanted him to watch on TV at the time. I was at my mentor’s home and she encouraged me to move forward with the idea of starting my own online blog.”

I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Lang and she is truly unforgettable. Not only does she have a big personality, she also has a big heart. Lang shares her passion for media with the youth by offering mentoring and training to them in all aspects of media productions. Right now students are being trained in different aspects of television. You can sponsor a child or donate to her youth media training program at

When I asked Lang about her business goals she said, “My goal is to create and inspire through everything that I touch and do. That I will inspire other youth to operate in integrity and tell the story to provoke change in our communities,” which speaks to her passion for helping others.

Her response gave me a lot of hope! There are A LOT of people putting in work to try to change our communities. There are A LOT of people working toward building our youth. They need skills which they can one day monetize and they need someone speaking positivity and greatness into their lives. And Lutonya Lang is one of those people!






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