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IAB365|Children of Colour Contest

How It Works?
Each month, 1 winner will be selected. The Winner will be featured on The I Am Beautiful 365 website and Facebook Fan Page. Photos or Videos will be judged on the combination of the most Likes, Shares, & Comments


All entries are due by the last day of the month prior. (For example: photo/video will be due January 31st to be included in February contest.)  Our team will select the top 10 pictures to be posted on the Fan Page.  The Winner for the month will be chosen by the Fans on the page based upon who gets the combination of the most Likes, Shares, & Comments on their Photo or Video. Winners will be announced monthly on our website as well as our Facebook fan page at month end

Whats In It For You?
1. We will post up to 3 of your child’s photos to our Facebook page
2. We will give your child’s model page a shout out
3. Bragging Rights/Building Your Child’s Portfolio
4. You will be added to the Our VIP List which will give you access to:
Early notification for new items
How to Submit Your Entry:
Submit Photo or Video to [email protected]
Subject: Children Of Colour Contest
Body of email should include the following:
Where He/She is from
Something interesting about him/her (likes, hobbies, talents, ect)
*All photos sent should be good photo quality. Professional photos are appreciated but not mandatory.

DISCLAIMER: By entering this contest, you agree that you have rights and ownership of the photo you submit. You also give I Am Beautiful 365 permission to utilize the photo for any promotional use (including but not limited to our website, social media s promotions, etc.). You also understand any watermarks, logos, etc. on photos may or may not be removed by I Am Beautiful 365 before being used for promotional purposes.

ATTENTION: We are looking for Chicago Based Photographers and Videographers to partner with for campaign. If you are interested please submit inquiry with Subject Line: Professional Service Partnership


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