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I Love My Hair Paint Party

Life Is Art, Live Yours In Color!

We had an amazing paint party last weekend!

I love instilling Self Confidence in young black children and I’m a firm believer in starting young.

We worked with young girls ages 4 to 10. They painted images of themselves and had the opportunity to be creative and artistic! The artists were so patient and encouraging. Most importantly, the girls had an amazing time!

This event was an explosion of melanin from beginning to end. We were able to support a Black Business. Supporting Black Business is something we believe in strongly in and boy did the Local Color Art Studio deliver! Meosha and her team were all that and a bag of chips. They were personable, engaging, and most importantly they were excellent with the girls. The studio decor was so captivating that a couple mothers decided to stay and join in on the fun!

At the I Love My Hair Paint Party our goal was to instill self confidence in the girls by engaging them with a fun activity. Daily the representation of African American Women is few and far in between. From television, to books, and in some instances in school, our beautiful brown girls rarely get to see images that look like them being celebrated and portrayed in a positive light. So instead of complaining, we I Am Beautiful 365 decided to take action. This even was so fun and such a huge success that we have decided to do them more frequently. If you would like to be notified about our next Paint Party, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

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