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Erika Hart: Her Beauty and Confidence is Diversifying the Image of Breast Cancer

Some of you may or may not know Erica Hart but her topless picture from the Afropunk music festival went viral earlier this year, which is exactly what she was hoping! Her viral picture is helping her in her quest to change or expand the image of breast cancer. If you pay any attention to mainstream media you wouldn’t know that a large number of African American women are also affected by breast cancer.

Ms. Hart is on a mission to let the world know that breast cancer affects the black community in a major way as well. She also wants the world to know that your automatic response to someone diagnosed shouldn’t be sorrow. She knows it’s something that affected her but she also knew she would be okay. But the sympathy and sorrow from others created doubt.

At the age of 13 Hart lost her mother to breast cancer but her mom didn’t let the disease keep her from living. Hart saw her mom enjoying life and in good spirits, she always made the best of every moment. Yes she had her bad days but so do people who don’t have cancer and that’s how Hart is choosing to LIVE.

And in living she also created images that were hard for her and other women of color to find. The face of breast cancer does not represent Hart or women of color although it affects many black women and attacks our bodies more aggressively. Her bold personalty and courage is diversifying the image of breast cancer. Hart had a double mastectomy and added another face to breast cancer when her picture went viral. She gave other women of color a chance to exhale in knowing they are not alone.

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