Antoine Wade is working his way into the deodorant market. Yes you guessed, he is related to Dwayne Wade, they are cousins. He has worked with his famous cousin in many ways over the years as business consultant on products, endorsements, and commercials. He also ran Dwayne Wade’s fantasy camp for several years.

“When I hit on this project and looked at the deodorant category and saw there wasn’t a lot of innovation, I felt, why couldn’t I do it? What’s stopping me from creating the next big deodorant brand?”

What innovation could Antoine bring to the deodorant industry?

Reusable deodorant bottles with replaceable glide cartridges. His product, Switch Fresh, will also offer a variety of unique gender neutral scents.

Why are the scents unique you might ask?

The names of the scents are what’s actually unique. They are named after locations: a vanilla-based antiperspirant named after Chicago’s South Loop, an apple-based antiperspirant named after New York’s TriBeCa neighborhood, and a natural unscented deodorant named after Aspen, Colo. You can also customize your bottle design and the refillable deodorant comes in two different sizes.

Wade’s product will help reduce plastic waste by 96 percent!

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