Chance the Rapper Claps Back “Family-Style” After Chicago Sun-Times Tries to Assassinate His Character

I LOVE the way Chance the Rapper is handling the attack, the Chicago Sun-Times tried to throw his way following his million dollar donation to Chicago Public Schools. The saddest part of it all is a black woman wrote the article, trying to assassinate Chance’s character because the mother of his child took him to court for child support. But what this writer (and I won’t solidify her by mentioning her name) didn’t know was Chance has a great parenting relationship with his daughter’s mother and Chance has decided to fight back “family-style.”

Chance has been posting videos and pictures of his very happy family to social media to the Sun-Times know, yea you TRIED it. Maybe because of her own personal experience this writer doesn’t know anything about healthy co-parenting relationships. Whatever their reasoning is for going to court we all know his daughter is taken care of not just financially but emotionally as well. And what more could a family ask for.

It’s really sad that after being so thoughtful and making a huge donation to CPS a black woman tried to assassinate his character but his response has been priceless and we love seeing his happy family. No one is perfect.

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