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Brilliant Black Girls | A Double Dose of Black Girl Magic

Meet the twins who took the Chicago Public School System by storm. Attending Lindblom Math and Science Academy, one of Illinois top ranked High Schools, Tia and Tyra dominated the CPS curriculum to become Co-Valedictorians. They finished their high school career with straight A’s. The most impressive part of accomplishing this feat, was the fact …


5 Black Owned Businesses You Should Shop with for Back to School

Back to school shopping is fun for both parents and children. Our children are excited to find fun and inspiring school supplies, backpacks, clothes, and shoes that allow them to be expressive, and accessories that make them stand out in a crowd. Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could find all those things for your child while supporting a B.O.B. (black owned business) ? Check out these five businesses you can support while completing your back to school shopping:


1. Africa on my Back Backpack







Africa on my back is exactly that. A backpack with beautiful, vibrant African patterns made in Ghana! But Africa on my Back is not your typical backpack. Why you might ask? These backpacks are like none other because each backpack sold supports study abroad opportunities for young black men while simultaneously helping to grow small businesses and creating jobs in Ghana, West Africa. These backpacks are available in several different African patterns. Click below to find out which one works best for you.

Get Your Fair Trade Hand-Crafted African Print Backpack


2. Urban Intellectuals’ Black History Flash Cards






Urban Intellectuals’ Black History Flash Cards are a must have this school year. What better way for your child to learn their history throughout the school year. Choose one new African American hero each month, each week or even each day! Our history is rich. Our ancestors have contributor so much to America, it’s time for our children to learn more about those valuable contributions. You can also get your child the new Black History Entrepreneurs Coloring book.

Get Your Black History Flashcards Today

3. I Love my Hair & I Love my Skin Children’s Books







I Love My Hair and I Love My Skin are children’s books that will help your children appreciate the diversity of their hair and skin. It’s up to us as parents to teach our child to love every aspect of themselves. Build your child’s confidence through literacy with these books. The colorful and fun illustrations will keep your child captivated and engaged. Start young! I Love my Hair and I Love my Skin are perfect for children ages 4 to 8.

Click Here for your I Love my Hair and I Love my Skin Bundle

4. Gabby Bows





Most of us cannot forget the amazing 7 year-old, now 11, Gabby Goodwin who created the most amazing barrettes ever. If you’re tired of your daughter coming home with missing barrettes and being forced to buy new ones every other week Gabby Bows are what you’ve been waiting for. I have 2 daughters and surprisingly they have not managed to loss any Gabby Bows not even my youngest who is constantly playing in her hair. The double face, double snap barrettes are a most have this school year. You won’t have to worry about buying barrettes throughout school year after you purchase your Gabby Bows.

Start Your Collection Now

5. Loc-cessories







Are you struggling to find cute barrettes for your little girls’ locs, Twists or Braids? Cute hair beads and accessories are pretty much a rite of passage for all curly haired girls. Every girl deserves to feel beautiful and adored regardless of her texture. Sugar Snaps are uniquely crafted clip barrettes made especially for girls with locs and twists. It is the perfect hair accessory to complete any look. Sugar Snaps are the perfect way for your daughter to feel confident about her hair and about herself. And seeing the glowing smile on her face when she looks in the mirror is how you’ll know you’ve given her that. It’s a win-win.

Find Your Loc-cessories Here


This Inspiring Homeless Atlanta Teen Is Named High School Valedictorian, Awarded Scholarships!

We have to celebrate hard working young people, they are the future. And some show so much promise despite hardship. Teen and now Valedictorian Rebecca Schmitt had it tough but she pulled through and now has a pick of three great colleges and a solid foundation with two scholarships! Her mother lost her job, was …


More Than Just a Football Player: From the NFL to Neurosurgeon

Transitioning from being a professional level athlete into mainstream careers is challenging enough. Becoming a surgeon after a successful stint in National Football League was unheard of before Myron Rolle. According to the player, the successful career change was informed by the desire to be perceived differently. Myron Rolle had a glamorous career in football …

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Inspire365: Only 22 Years-Old and Already a NASA Engineer

Tiera Guinn, a 22 year old woman is already working for NASA as the Structural Rocket design and Analytical Engineer for a Space System that Boeing Company is constructing for NASA. Tiera says that the rocket part that she is in charge of analyzing and designing, will be among the very powerful and biggest in …


2 Chainz Will Donate Proceeds from His Clothing Line to Homeless Veterans

Celebrities are influencers whether they believe it or not. And they have the ability to a positive or negative influence to their followers. Rapper, 2 Chainz, is showing his followers the importance of giving back. Earlier this year he gave home (yes a home) to a family of eleven facing eviction. He also helped veteran …


Making History: The First Black Woman at UGA to Earn Ph.D. in Physics

As an African-American, I’ve seen where so many of my people are making astonishing academic achievements. I have never been more proud in my life. Just learned that an 8 year-old was accepted into a university in Texas. Imagine that! An 8 year-old going to college. Focus on the positive accomplishments is important which is …


This Teacher Created a Unique Handshake for Each of Students but It Means So Much More to His Students

Mr. Barry White Jr. teaches fifth graders at Title 1 school in North Carolina. He understands the importance of being an effective educator which is why he takes the time to develop a trusting relationship with his students. Most of his students come from low income families and may have unique living situations. As an …