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When Father Tries to Style His Daughter’s Hair And It Doesn’t Go How He Thought

A lot of times when we see “how to hair videos” on social media, (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) the person making the video makes everything look uBer easy. However in reality, when you attempt to recreate the style you saw them do, and it’s an Epic fail, you never see the failures. You only see the …

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#CalebReads100: This Ambitious 4 Year-Old Read 100 Books in One Day

What do you do when your 4 year-old son wakes up on a bright snowy Saturday morning and says, “Dad I want to read 100 books today?” In your head you’re thinking, “Man, that’s a lot of books” but to your confident and energetic 4 year-old you say, “Let’s do it!” When children dream big …

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5 Year Old Madison Edwards Loves Cooking With Passion

One of the things we believe in is encouraging our children. Our oldest daughter Madison loves watching cooking shows. She seems to love all things cooking from Food Network’s Chopped, to going out to restaurants (IHOP is her favorite, she loves Strawberry Pancakes), and she always asks to help out in the kitchen. Well one …