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When Father Tries to Style His Daughter’s Hair And It Doesn’t Go How He Thought

A lot of times when we see “how to hair videos” on social media, (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) the person making the video makes everything look uBer easy. However in reality, when you attempt to recreate the style you saw them do, and it’s an Epic fail, you never see the failures. You only see the …


Help Natural Sisters: I Love My Fro But I Want to Switch it Up

I have a love, hate relationship with my hair! I really truly love my big fro. It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s even a conversation starter! Just about everywhere I go family, friends, and strangers want to talk to me about my hair. The conversations are mostly positive, “what products do you use” or curiosity …

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Add a New Product to Your Hair Regimen and You Can Make it for Less Than $3

As women we are constantly searching for the perfect products for our hair. And if it is affordable that is a plus! While online I discovered an amazing gel that is made with just flaxseed and water. Make it for less than $3. I found this video on Naptural85 (YouTube): Candace EdwardsWife, Mother, Entrepreneur, and …