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#CalebReads100: This Ambitious 4 Year-Old Read 100 Books in One Day

What do you do when your 4 year-old son wakes up on a bright snowy Saturday morning and says, “Dad I want to read 100 books today?” In your head you’re thinking, “Man, that’s a lot of books” but to your confident and energetic 4 year-old you say, “Let’s do it!”

When children dream big encourage them, rally up a cheerleading squad and make it happen. And that’s exactly what Sylus and Rhoda Green did for their son. Caleb and his older sister, Jael, began gathering up as many books as they could in preparation for #CalebReads100. Mom and dad began to call family and friends to make sure they were on standby to watch Live as Caleb worked rigorously to achieve his goal.

And with one major request, to make sure grandma was there for #CalebReads100, dad hoped on the phone to call her for this historic event. Caleb started reading his first book at 2:46pm. It was a long journey and at some points during the live stream you could see Caleb getting a little tired but after a snack or a quick dance break Caleb hoped right back into reading with enthusiasm.  About 9 hours later Caleb finished his 100th book at 11:39pm and blessed all of us with a victory dance.

Some people begin to doubt themselves when they set out to achieve a goal and things are harder than expected. Some people question their ability when they hit an unexpected road block. Some people give up before they even began but not Caleb. Caleb could have looked at those 100 books sitting in the middle of the floor and changed his mind. Caleb could have reached the 70th book and said “hey that’s pretty impressive, I’ll stop there,” but he kept going. Caleb set a goal and did not stop until he reached that goal. At just 4 years-old he understands the importance of determination and accountability. We could all learn a lot from this little giant!

Caleb’s 100:

  1. Oh, David!
  2. This is Biscuit
  3. Biscuit in the Snow
  4. Biscuit and Sam
  5. Biscuit and the Hen
  6. Meet Biscuit
  7. The Berenstain Bears Ranch Vacation
  8. National Geographic: Safari
  9. National Geographic: Hop, Bunny!
  10. Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach
  11. Rhyme Readers: This Little Pig
  12. Preschool Prep: The Rain
  13. Preschool Prep: Hide and Seek
  14. Preschool Prep: My Garden
  15. Preschool Prep: Play Ball
  16. Preschool Prep: Play Tag
  17. Preschool Prep: The Apples
  18. Preschool Prep: The Gifts
  19. Preschool Prep: The Hat
  20. Preschool Prep: The Play
  21. Preschool Prep: The Snow
  22. Preschool Prep: The Zoo
  23. Preschool Prep: Word Book
  24. The Berenstain Bears: It’s Not a Frog
  25. Biscuit and the Kittens
  26. Biscuit and the Geese
  27. Biscuit and the Flute
  28. Biscuit’s Hide and Seek
  29. Biscuit and the Duck
  30. Fancy Nancy: The Best Book Ever
  31. Biscuit and the Firefly
  32. Biscuit and the Frog
  33. Biscuit’s Trick
  34. TMNT: Big City
  35. Oops! David Shannon
  36. David Smells! David Shannon
  37. Lazy Town: Pirates!
  38. Robot, Go Bot!
  39. I Like Bugs
  40. The Berenstain Bears: Ride the Thunderbolt
  41. No, David! David Shannon
  42. I Love My Skin, Candace Edwards
  43. Katie Kitten Finds a Friend
  44. Bed Bugs
  45. The Red Car
  46. Biscuit’s Tub Fun
  47. Biscuit Bakes a Cake
  48. Preschool Prep: My Family
  49. Biscuit and the Hay
  50. The Berenstain Bears: Moo
  51. In the Tall, Tall Grass
  52. Preschool Prep: The Map
  53. Preschool Prep: My Fish
  54. Preschool Prep: My Chores
  55. Preschool Prep: Let’s Draw
  56. Preschool Prep: Birthday Cake
  57. Little Lost Rabbit
  58. Ten Little Fairies
  59. What does Biscuit See
  60. Biscuit Digs a Hole
  61. Biscuit and the Box
  62. Biscuit and the Mule
  63. Just Grandma and Me
  64. The King
  65. Rock a Bye Baby
  66. Big and Small Fun
  67. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  68. Hop on Pop
  69. TMNT: In a Jam
  70. TMNT: Lend a Hand
  71. TMNT: Stop that Mob!
  72. TMNT: Run and Jump
  73. TMNT: Fast Turtles
  74. TMNT: The Cake Chase
  75. TMNT: Mean Streets
  76. TMNT: Find that goo
  77. TMNT: Robot Foes
  78. TMNT: Super Dudes
  79. TMNT: Clone Chase
  80. The Berenstain Bears: Family Fun
  81. The Berenstain Bears: Batter Up
  82. The Berenstain Bears: Let’s Sell It
  83. TBB: The chipmunk
  84. TBB: The funny pup
  85. TBB:The Train Ride
  86. TBB: Search  for Gold
  87. TBB: The cute pony
  88. Fancy Nancy: Brilliant Stars
  89. My book of colors
  90. Fancy Nancy: Robert from Paris
  91. IIlama Illama Wakey Wake
  92. Whose Stripes
  93. AppleJack’s Day on the Farm
  94. Some Stars
  95. Peek a Boo Rainbow
  96. Fancy Nancy Fancy Day
  97. Fancy Nancy Earh Day Rules
  98. Fancy Nancy The tooth necklace
  99. Bob Marley One Love
  100. Goodnight, Owl

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