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Build A Solid Foundation Before Making Things Official

When you build a house the most important thing is its foundation, the foundation supports the house and determines how strong and firm your house will stand. When natural disasters happen the foundation the house was built on is what keeps the house standing no matter how hard the wind may blow, rain may fall, or how big the storm is.

As stated in my last article, “Why am I still single?” I’ve been dating for the last 3 years and something I’ve noticed within myself and others is that we don’t take our time to get to know one another. We rush to get into a relationship and then a few months later it’s over. Building a bond is hard to do but can easily break if the foundation isn’t steady and most of the time we rush into a relationship because we want to fill a void that we have. When you write a book sometimes you don’t have a title for it until you know what you’re writing about. It’s just like putting a title on a relationship, how do you know what title to put on it if you don’t know that person?

I know I’m not alone when I say that I dislike the dating stage; getting to know someone, what they like, what they don’t like and what type of person they are but it plays a big factor in the foundation you start to build. Building helps you to determine whether or not the person is the right one for you instead of jumping in a relationship to make things official then later discovering that the two of you aren’t meant for each other which sometimes can end on bad terms. Another benefit of building a solid foundation is that once things are official the two of you would have a strong bond that wont be broken when the storm comes.

There is nothing wrong with taking your time and courting someone before making things official. If the relationship is meant to be then it’ll happen. Save yourself a heartache and headache by building a solid foundation.

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