First we found out Yara Shahidi received four letters of recommendation from our former first lady, Michelle Obama. Then we found out Shahidi was accepted into every university she applied to. Now we know what school she decided to attend:


“The paradox of education is precisely this ― that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated. ~ James Baldwin #CrimsonPride,” Shahidi wrote.

Not only is Harvard, Michelle Obama’s alumater after a gap year Malia Obama will be attended Harvard this fall, which Shahidi is considering as well.

“I know when Malia Obama announced [she was deferring], she got a lot of slack, but I feel like what’s interesting is I know so many people that are deferring,” she told People. “It’s more than to just roam around or just sit down and stare at a wall, but it will also give me an opportunity to work.”

“I’ve been working more than half of my life and that’s always been balanced with school and all of the other responsibilities,” she added, “so to have a year to focus on work and to focus on specified interests will be nice before I pick a career and choose what I want to study and my life path.”

Despite what Shahidi decides we know she’ll excel at Harvard! Congratulation Yara!


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