Most us at some point in our lives made the decision to become the CEO of a company, be it our own company or someone else’s. What age did you see yourself becoming the CEO, 40 or 50? How about 10 years old?

Well 10 year old Gabrielle Goodwin solved a problem that bothered her for quite some time and her solution led her to become the CEO of her own company. Sounds unbelievable, right?

Like most little girls when Gabrielle would get her hair done and accessorized with beautiful colorful barrettes by the end of the day she would realize that some of her barrettes were missing? A challenge almost every little black girl has faced.

Gabrielle told her mother she wanted to make barrettes that wouldn’t fall out of her hair….and that’s exactly what she did!

Gabrielle’s barrettes are sold in 50 stores located in 16 different states! Gabby is the CEO of her company, a public speaker and a straight A student! You go Gabby!

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