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Introducing Lariah Alexandria | An 8 yr old Author, Actress, & Model

Lariah Alexandria is an energetic and intelligent 8-year-old who also happens to be a model, actress, and author! She’s always wanted to be a performer and even started out in ballet and tap classes. However, when she realized she did not want to continue with dance, she told her mother that she wanted to do …

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Brilliant Black Girls | A Double Dose of Black Girl Magic

Meet the twins who took the Chicago Public School System by storm. Attending Lindblom Math and Science Academy, one of Illinois top ranked High Schools, Tia and Tyra dominated the CPS curriculum to become Co-Valedictorians. They finished their high school career with straight A’s. The most impressive part of accomplishing this feat, was the fact …

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner When You’re On A Budget

One of the most memorable moments in life is your wedding day. You’ve probably visioned how #beautiful you would look in your wedding dress, your show stopping walk down the aisle, the beautiful decorations, the amazing facility, and all of your loved ones celebrating your union. You even dreamed up an unrealistic budget, thinking all …

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When Father Tries to Style His Daughter’s Hair And It Doesn’t Go How He Thought

A lot of times when we see “how to hair videos” on social media, (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) the person making the video makes everything look uBer easy. However in reality, when you attempt to recreate the style you saw them do, and it’s an Epic fail, you never see the failures. You only see the …

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Black Owned Businesses in the Spotlight | The Critical Thinking Child

How did you first get involved in your business? Welcome to our special interview series, Black Owned Businesses in the Spotlight, where we highlight successful businesses that are doing amazing things. We believe in a concept that says “you have to see it, to seize it.” No longer will we wait for others to acknowledge …