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Chasing Greatness | Chicago Not For Profit

762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents, and 4,331 shooting victims in 2016, in Chicago. With numbers like thesde, many are people are starting to lose hope. Some have went as far as to relocate altogether.  When you hear people say things like “the youth are going to hell with gasoline drawers,” “these are the last days,” or “send in the National …

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Meet the McClure’s | I Am Beautiful 365 In The Spotlight

Everyone knows Venus and Serena, but do you Alexis and Ava? They are two adorable identical twins that go by the name, “McClure Twins.” In a time when America seems to be divided by race, these beautiful biracial babies are stealing the hearts of millions. They have been featured on ABC News, walked the runway …


Media Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the IAB Team We are looking for those who are looking for us, a unique group of people who want to do something great but havent been given the opportunity. Join the Team and become apart of the movement! *This is an Unpaid Apprenticeship What we …