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Shannon Sharpe NAILS IT, Why Do People NOT Chant ‘USA’ At KKK, But They Do At Kaepernick And Supporters?

Kaepernick and people putting out inspired protest against racial injustice and police brutality are being labeled anti-american, some are associating them with terrorists even! The fact that they are standing up for a right that we shouldn’t even have to stand up for (to be treated equally) cannot surely be seen as anti-american. Every American …

Community and Politics

KKK Member Son Died For 3 Minutes, Said Angels Are All N**gers And Jesus Is A C**n Too!.

WTF! I came across this crazy story and well…. I just wanted to share it. It’s vulgar and racist BUT it’s hardly surprising that if there were angels and Jesus up in heaven that they would be dark skinned or black. Maybe this kid was dumb but has cottoned onto the facts not the BS …

Community and Politics

Fox’s Megyn Kelly Exudes White Privilege Over D.L. Hughley, But She Wasn’t Ready For His Responses

After watching this video, I can’t help but dislike white people that have a sense of entitlement. If you don’t see the world through their eyes, they become dismissive of you. Not because you are wrong, but only because you don’t submit to their way of thinking. Fox’s Megyn Kelly displayed that yesterday on her …


This Inspiring Homeless Atlanta Teen Is Named High School Valedictorian, Awarded Scholarships!

We have to celebrate hard working young people, they are the future. And some show so much promise despite hardship. Teen and now Valedictorian Rebecca Schmitt had it tough but she pulled through and now has a pick of three great colleges and a solid foundation with two scholarships! Her mother lost her job, was …

Business and Technology

#BlackGirlMagic: Sisters Madison and Mallory Are KILLING the Business World, And They Have Not Even Left High School!

Madison Star (12) and Mallory Iyana (10) are absolutely killing it! The siblings have not even left high school and they have a successful business backed by a sizable Shark Tank investment under their belt! Their business of handmade body lotions and body spray for ‘tween and teen girls” named Angels & Tomboys came from …

Hair Relationships

(VIDEO) WORD: He SLAYS His Daughter’s Natural Hair And She Is Beaming! BLACK FATHERS ROCK!

BLACK FATHERS ROCK! Watch this dad get down to it and make sure his daughter is set for the day! It’s hard work but someone has to do it! I started without a clue, now when she sits down she knows im about to #slay her #NaturalHair. That Smile tho. ? watch until the end. …


(VIDEO) David Banner Spits TRUTH “These kids and young folks don’t want to sell dope. We not giving them any options”

David Banner giving the Damn Truth. These kids and young folks don’t want to sell dope. We not giving them any options. People who went to school, did the education thAng are struggling, many back in the old neighborhood again. Like how he talked about….well, let me not taint his words…you got to hear this …

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(VIDEO) Bitter Black Woman! “They Tell Us How Ugly Our Hair Is, Then Judge Us If We Start Buying It”

This is powerful, Kira J delivers a strong worded spoken word piece titled “Bitter Black Woman”. She talks about the pressure black women face to look good, to stay strong, to be womanly but work to pay all the bills, raising kids and more. Watch! Forest

Business and Technology

Dre Gave $35million To A White Uni And Dillard’s Pres RAN Him Over For Not Donating To An HBCU!….

Dr. Dre, along with his music producer Jimmy Levine gave a whopping $70 million dollar donation to USC to create a new degree in 2013 and caused quite a storm. The program is one that pulls together liberal arts, graphic arts, business, music and technology. At the time Dre said it was one of the …