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Women in Politics: Felicia Bullock for State Representative of the 5th District in Illinois

Starting in 2017 leading into 2018 women are charging into the political arena. Some are saying it is due to the election of our latest president, while more and more women are starting to believe they can improve their communities through politics. Felicia Bullock is one of those women. She is the only black woman …

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Chance the Rapper and Steph Curry Showing Supporting Barack Obama’s ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Initiative in New PSA

Former President Barack Obama just released a new ad featuring Steph Curry and Chance the Rapper, for his ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ initiative. Obama created this program in 2015 “to ensure all of our nation’s boys and young men of color have equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity,” acknowledging the fact that black boys and …

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Industry BuzzZ Creator Lutonya Lang| Inspiring Our Youth Through Film and Media

IndustryBuzzZ Media Network was created by an energetic young woman who set out to inspire others while following her dreams. Lutonya Lang uses her platform to inspire, encourage, and entertain. She has interviewed a large array of successful African Americans from small business owners to actors.  She learns and pulls inspiration from every interview she …

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#CalebReads100: This Ambitious 4 Year-Old Read 100 Books in One Day

What do you do when your 4 year-old son wakes up on a bright snowy Saturday morning and says, “Dad I want to read 100 books today?” In your head you’re thinking, “Man, that’s a lot of books” but to your confident and energetic 4 year-old you say, “Let’s do it!” When children dream big …

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From 1000 Black Girl Books to the Youngest 30 Under 30 Recipient for 2018

Marley Dias is moving mountains and breaking glass ceilings and she’s 12 years old. Marley is the founder of the #1000BlackGirlBooks, which was a campaign that set out to donate 1,000 books featuring Black girls as main characters. After completely demolishing that number and collecting more than 10,000 books, Dias secured a book deal and …

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40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League Award Ceremony is All the Way Up

Yes they are at it again. I had the privilege to attend 40 under 40 Award Ceremony this year and there was so much black girl magic the room. 40 under 40 young women professionals league is an organization that supports “the holistic development of future leaders through the conduits of leadership, service, and philanthropy.” …

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The First Barbie to Wear a Hijab has made Her Debut

Mattel’s “Shero” collection has been celebrating women and diversity in major way over the last few years. First there was Ava DuVernay, then Gabrielle Douglas and now Ibtihaj Muhammad. In 2016 Ibtihaj Muhammad became the first Olympic athlete to compete wearing a hijab. Her commitment to her culture and faith has been admired by many …


Help Natural Sisters: I Love My Fro But I Want to Switch it Up

I have a love, hate relationship with my hair! I really truly love my big fro. It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s even a conversation starter! Just about everywhere I go family, friends, and strangers want to talk to me about my hair. The conversations are mostly positive, “what products do you use” or curiosity …

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Issa Rae has Done a Great Job at Showcasing the Importance of Representation

Issa is normalizing the natural black woman. For those who are not familiar with Issa Rae she created a YouTube web series called Awkward Black Girl. That amazing YouTube series was noticed by HBO where Issa now co-writes and stars in Insecure which is loosely based off of Awkward Black Girl. And now Issa, a chocolatey, natural diva is now …