Welcome to I am Beautiful 365 we’re here to help Black Moms and Black Dads raise happy kids and Strong Families. IAB365 was created because we were upset with the negative stereotypes and public perceptions of the black family in the media. We decided that we were not going to allow others to tell our story, we have decided to “Write Our Own Narrative.”

Behind The Scenes:

Candace was inspired with the concept for “365” one day while looking for images for a Facebook post. She googled “Beautiful People” and little to no images of black men and women showed up in the search results. So she changed the key words to “Beautiful Black People” and unfortunately very few images of African Americans appeared. As a confident, prideful black woman, this didn’t sit well with her at all. She decided to take the lemons and make lemonade. Since I Am Beautiful 365 has been created, it has positively impacted those search results.


Our goal is to be the Number 1 source and authority that Black Families go to for all things Family and Parenting related. I Am Beautiful celebrates, promotes, and empowers black families, moms, dads, and children.

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