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I am Beautiful 365 was created to promote self-confidence, self-worth, and black self-love. Our goal is to encourage men, women, and children to have a healthy image of themselves by improving their perceptions of self. We believe that there are several components to having a strong sense of self which consist of Appearance, Health, Wealth, Family, and Education.


I am Beautiful 365’s first initiative is to positively impact the perceptions of black beauty. Currently we have a children’s book series which promotes positive self-esteem in children of color at a young age. Additionally it’s an opportunity for children of color to see themselves in a positive light. I am Beautiful 365 has evolved to encompass a complete way of living by addressing the areas of health, wealth, family, and education.

Behind The Scenes

I was inspired with the concept for “365” one day while looking for images for a Facebook post. I googled “Beautiful People” and found no images of black men and women. So I changed the key words to “Beautiful Black People” and unfortunately very few images of African Americans appeared. As a confident, prideful black woman, this didn’t sit well with me at all. I decided to take the lemons and make lemonade. I am Beautiful 365 is a mindset that emphasizes the importance of black self-love and promoting the idea that black is beautiful.

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