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5 Year Old Madison Edwards Loves Cooking With Passion

One of the things we believe in is encouraging our children. Our oldest daughter Madison loves watching cooking shows. She seems to love all things cooking from Food Network’s Chopped, to going out to restaurants (IHOP is her favorite, she loves Strawberry Pancakes), and she always asks to help out in the kitchen. Well one day we attended our good friends Tonya B and Joe Black’s son Josiah’s Birthday Party and they were making Biscuit Pizza. Madison instantly fell in love with cooking.

After attending the birthday party we gave Madison more cooking opportunities. We purchased her a Chef Hat and Apron and periodically we would let her make biscuit pizza. After a while that started to not be enough for her so we started allowing her to mix the eggs when we make eggs, mix the batter for pancakes, and today we have given her the opportunity to make cookies with her grandma.

Currently we are looking for other fun, easy, and more importantly safe cooking options so that we can continue to keep her engaged in cooking. Additionally Madison loves taking pictures and recording short videos so today I decided to take advantage of her cooking with her grandma and I recorded a couple parts. If anyone has any additional suggestions on things she can cook or videos she should record please submit the suggestions. Thank You in advance


Sincerely Team Edwards

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