5 Mistakes You Want to Avoid on Your Vegan Journey

Being a vegan is a choice with a good cause but there are also mistakes that can be made upon becoming one. Here are 5 mistakes you want to avoid on your vegan journey:

Becoming a Vegan can Shock Your Body

Any person’s body needs to adjust. Yes, it is possible to just completely stop eating meat all at once but it can be difficult. It is okay to ween yourself off of meat. Start with eliminating pork and beef, then move to have a meatless Monday. Build an arsenal of vegan recipes that satisfy your palate.

Don’t Limit Yourself to grocery stores like Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a grocery store that is known for selling organic foods but it is not the only grocery store that sells organic foods. A lot more grocers’ are carrying organic fruits, vegetables, and produce. In the Midwest Aldi, an inexpensive grocery store, now carried their own brand of organic foods. Trader Joe’s is another option that will help you stretch those dollars.

Failure to Plan is a Plan for Failure

It is important to plan what and how to eat to get enough protein, iron and other crucial substances. If you’re heavily involved in social media there are plenty of groups you can join that will post recipes so you’re not stuck eating salad 7 days a week. Meal prep is vital to your success on the vegan journey once that hunger hits fast food is usually the first thing we think of.

Not doing Research

When transitioning to a vegan lifestyle be sure to do your research first. For a long time vegans ate tofu as supplement for meat and now there have been several findings stating that tofu is not a healthy alternative. The purpose of becoming a vegan is to live a healthier lifestyle so make sure you know what you are putting in your body.

Don’t Do It Alone

Have an accountability partner that can go on this journey with you. You all can exchange ideas and recipes. You can help keep other focused on your individual goal and even set some goals to achieve together. We all need a little extra push sometimes.

When we make the decision to do something different in life and get out of comfort zone, it can be a bit challenging but definitely worth the fight. Set goals, work hard to achieve them and you’ll be successful!

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