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40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League Award Ceremony is All the Way Up

Yes they are at it again. I had the privilege to attend 40 under 40 Award Ceremony this year and there was so much black girl magic the room. 40 under 40 young women professionals league is an organization that supports “the holistic development of future leaders through the conduits of leadership, service, and philanthropy.”

The 40 under 40 award ceremony which happens annually was created to celebrate women of color that are killing it in their chosen field. But what I learned and loved more than anything is that these women give back in major a way. The women being came from diverse backgrounds such as doctors, make up artist, entrepreneurs, professors, engineers and the list goes on. Could imagine at the of 18, having such a diverse group of women to mentor you, guide you and inspire you?

Not only are these women breaking the glass ceiling they come together to mentor young black teens and women through their program Demoiselle 2 Femme.

“Demoiselle 2 Femme is a programmed created to help young girls transition into young successful women. They have successfully motivated 500 first generation college graduates. So not only do they work with teens ages 13 – 19 they also keep in touch with their D2F ladies well after completion of the program for continuous support and motivation.”

They host workshops for the young ladies, they create and send care packages to their college students, they host baby showers for young mothers and so much more. This is an event and organization which truly embodies what it means to be a black girl that rocks.

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