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4 Steps To Re-gifting | Ready Set Re-gift

Guest Contributor: Takicia Otero

            The craze of the holiday hustle is amongst us, so I wanted to write a humorous, fun article to help lighten up what could be a hectic day. Whether you thoroughly enjoy shopping among frantic gift buyers, or despise being caught anywhere near a crowded mall during this time of year… we can all be sure of one thing… Christmas is coming… and SOON!

Not only are we preoccupied with shopping for our families and friends, hoping to give that perfect, anticipated gift… we are also on the receiving end of many thoughtful, and awesome presents.  Nothing is better than being surprised with a glittery jewelry box, lovely perfume, or that wonderful present that melts your heart.

But… we may also get gifts, sometimes from people who… may not really know us all that well.  Their intentions are heartfelt… and they are being thoughtful.  And… it is the “thought that counts”, right?  Well… maybe, just maybe some thoughts are meant to stay… thoughts! Ouch!

Now, now, now… we have all been there.  We open a gift, smile graciously, say “Aww, thanks SO much… I LOVE it!”.  But we’re thinking, “What in the world?”.

What do we do in this situation?  The person meant well… and wanted to get you a present!  How kind and sweet… so, there’s only one sensible solution… RE-GIFT!  Yep… re-gifting is giving away that gift you will never use.  Instead of keeping it tucked away in your closet for 5 years… give it a loving home.  Besides, the present is great… it’s just not “you”.

Since the dirty, little secret of re-gifting is out… there are a few simple, yet entertaining tips to follow, if you are going to indulge in the art of re-gifting.  (Be advised… I am not an expert in this art, so please re-gift at your own risk).

Step #1- Only re-gift to those outside your immediate friend circle.  (you don’t want the gift to come full circle back to you in two years).

Step #2-  Make sure you remove the wrapping paper and tag.  Use your own. (your name could be written on the paper, and that would be embarrassing).

Step #3-  Remember who gave you the gift. (you don’t want to re-gift it back to the original gift giver! That would be horrifying!)

Step #4-  Do not disclose where you got your tips from. I may never get another gift! (that would be a shame).

Hope you had fun reading this!  Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa! And Happy Re-gifting!


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