Shea Butter | 5 Must Have Reasons

1. Excellent to Prevent or Reduce Stretch Marks & Blemishes,

For most moms, stretch marks are what I call our battle wounds. It wasn’t until after I had my first child that it was recommended to keep my stomach moisturized with Cocoa Butter to avoid getting stretch marks. However since I already have them, I use Shea Butter Like Whoa to fade mine. SBLW is really soothing and it rejuvenates my skin.


2. Moisturizing Babies

Because babies have such sensitive skin, its important to me that I use products that have little to no chemicals. I really prefer all natural products like coconut oil and Shea Butter.


I live in Chicago and we have some of the harshest winters. After a nice warm bath I give my son a nice rub down and he goes right to sleep. The best part is it is long lasting compared to coconut oil.


3. Lovely Lips

Having beeswax, Vitamin E, and the list goes on, can become just too much. I love the fact that shea butter is essentially all purpose and its my secret weapon. I specifically choose SBLW over other Shea Butter products, because it is whipped Shea Butter, so it is smooth and easy to apply to your lips and skin. The 2 oz container is convenient travel size for an on the go lifestyle and it fits perfectly in most purses.

4. Beautiful Healthy Hair

Im Natural and loving it! When I wear my hair in a fro its makes people stop and stare and with all eyes on me, i ain’t got time for grits in my hair (dandruff). Shea Butter can turn frizzy hair to manageable hair. It also keeps your hair from drying out and becoming brittle, which is important for  any Summertime Chi affair.


5. Alleviates Dry Skin

Whether its dry cracked kitten heels, insect bites, or eczema Shea Butter works wonders. With all these benefits in one product, its no wonder its called SBLW. This product delivers so many benefits, it replaces the need for many products.


***We want to hear how you use Shea Butter and if you have any recipes and hacks share those too.***




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