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25 Year Old Multi-Millionaire Farmer from Kenya

Farming is a great way to make money. For as long as there are people there will always be the demand for food. A wise woman from Kenya named Nakku Justine took advantage of this demand and set up her farm on 6 acres of land. She produces dairy, poultry, carrots and cabbage.

Most people believe that farming cannot be profitable. Nakku Justine is a great example of how wrong they are. Kenya is a country that suffers from high levels of poverty but this young entrepreneur did not let that stop her from making her millions. At the tender age of 25 she is already a multi millionaire. She takes a hands-on approach to her business and oversees every aspect of production.

She sells primarily to people who cannot afford to buy imported products and thanks to her large business she is also able to employ people from the local community and help it flourish along with her. Her story goes to show that with the right mindset, hard-work and savvy business ethics, anybody can achieve their dreams of being wealthy by doing what they love. Her success has turned her into a viral sensation.

Entrepreneurs from around the world have taken notice. Business moguls from Nigeria such as Ben Murray-Bruce are using her story to encourage Nigerians to reduce their reliance on oil and go back to producing agriculture and support local farmers who he feels do not get the support that they need. There is no need for countries with struggling farmers to spend billions to import food while there are farmers in their back yard who are perfectly capable of meeting the demand. He believes that farmers across Africa can be just as successful as Nakku Justine.

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