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Issa Rae has Done a Great Job at Showcasing the Importance of Representation

Issa is normalizing the natural black woman. For those who are not familiar with Issa Rae she created a YouTube web series called Awkward Black Girl. That amazing YouTube series was noticed by HBO where Issa now co-writes and stars in Insecure which is loosely based off of Awkward Black Girl. And now Issa, a chocolatey, natural diva is now expanding the scope of what a beautiful black woman embodies.
As black people we are made to feel like foreigners in our own country, a country our ancestors built. In present day some of our most famous black actresses and entertainers typically do not rock there natural hair. There could be thousands of reasons why but we should rock our hair in whatever ways make us feel most comfortable. Something as simple as our hair seems to hinder our growth and progress because it doesn’t fit into this made up American standard of what defines beauty.
But back to Issa, as a natural black woman, in 2017, my hair is still an issue and major topic of discussion. Which is why I love Issa’s character. While the show has absolutely nothing to do with her hair, you see how some of her non-black co-workers make her feel being the only black person at her place of work. You see how a black man is down right rude and dismissive toward her after seeing her natural hair for the time. The show indirectly tackles the struggles of natural black women and black women in general. But you also see the diversity of her hair and her co-stars, natural, relaxed, wigs and weaves it’s all represented and celebrated on her show. The show does a great job of showcasing the diversity of black women, we are all represented.
I love the fact the we are watching a black woman rise and diversify the standard of beauty. The diversity of black people is being celebrated more and we have to work to remind people that black skin comes in every shade imaginable and every shade is beautiful. Our hair comes in many different lengths, shades and textures which contributes to our magical beauty. Representation is imperative and Issa is making it happen.
She embodies what it means to be an unapologetic black girl that rocks.
I’m rooting for everybody Black!  ~Issa Rae

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